Managing cumulative risks through model-based processes

The 22nd International Congress on Modelling and Simulation (MODSIM2017) will be held at The Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart, Tasmania, Australia from Sunday 3 to Friday 8 December 2017.

ASOR will be joining us again, for the 25th National Conference of the Australian Society for Operations Research as will the DST Group led Defence Operations Research Symposium (DORS 2017).

MODSIM has held biennial congresses since 1974 that typically attract 600-900 participants.

Theme: Managing cumulative risks through model-based processes

In addition to the traditional modelling and simulation papers in diverse areas, papers will explore the conference theme from a wide spectrum of disciplinary perspectives organised in different streams. Papers can take a number of approaches including quantitative modelling as well as qualitative, procedural and stakeholder techniques. As well as innovative approaches using novel modelling objectives, we strongly encourage papers that consider modelling techniques and practices that explicitly consider societal and political risk.

Special themes of the conference will include pragmatic policy evaluation, scenario modelling of uncertain futures under climate change, resource constraints, colliding 'catastrophes' and limited budgets. We are also ramping up the number of our optional Wednesday workshops for this MODSIM, openly inviting members soon to set up Special Interest Groups and put suggestions forward for a workshop in their area of interest.


MSSANZ will continue to develop its strong Student Awards for MODSIM2017!

Awards for Biennial Medals, Fellows and Early Career Research Excellence will be presented at the Gala Dinner.

Special and Regular Issues of Journals related to MODSIM2017

IMACSThere will be at least two journals providing opportunities to submit extended papers from the conference. One is Mathematics and Computers in Simulation for which there could be even a double special issue if there is enough interest. Papers for MATCOM will largely be on the theme of MODSIM2017: Managing cumulative risks through model-based processes. Non-thematic papers may be selected if there is sufficient space in the journal.

The other venue is a new open access international journal Socio-Environmental Systems MOdelling. Extended or new papers can be submitted to regular issues of SESMO from September and for advice on aims and scope plus feedback on your ideas, please contact or

Congress convenors

Professor Geoff Syme, Edith Cowan University, AU
Associate Professor Darla Hatton MacDonald, University of Tasmania, AU
Dr Beth Fulton, CSIRO, AU

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