Managing cumulative risks through model-based processes


Several workshops will be held on Wednesday December 6 at MODSIM 2017. Largely these will be organised by Special Interest Groups of MSSANZ but all registrants will be welcome to attend any workshop. Some workshops will have as an aim the drafting of a journal paper on the designated topic of the workshop. Please feel free to email the listed organisers for more information on each workshop below.

Essential Perspectives on Uncertainty in Integrated Assessment and Modelling of Socio-Ecological Systems
Organisers: Anthony Jakeman  and Sondoss Elsawah

Implementation and development of coupled fire-atmosphere modelling
Organiser: Jason Sharples

Climate variable resource assessment for use in energy modelling
Organiser: John Boland

OzEWEX (The Australian Energy and Water Exchange Research Initiative) 4th National Workshop
Organiser: Albert van Dijk 

Probabilistic Inference using Maximum Entropy Analysis and Bayesian Inference (Theory and Applications)
Organiser: Robert Niven

AWRA-CMS Hands-on Training with AWRA-L

AWRA course

We are pleased to announce that enrolment to a one day, hands-on training course to learn to run and interact with the Bureau of Meteorology's AWRA-CMS is now open!

What: The course will cover the background of the model, and the tools provided to run, calibrate and benchmark it. There will be opportunities for advanced users to ask questions and extend their own capabilities.

Who: Practitioners, Scientists, Researchers. 20 places will be available.

Where: Chancellor Room 5, Grand Chancellor Hotel, Hobart

When: Wednesday 6th December, 0900 – 1700

Cost: Free



PDF fileCourse outline

AWRA-L model

The Australian Water Resource Assessment Landscape (AWRA-L) Model is a 0.05° (approximately 5 km) gridded daily water balance model developed by CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology for Water Resource assessment purposes. The AWRA-CMS makes the AWRA-L model readily available for users and developers by packaging together continental scale inputs, validation data and a comprehensive simulation, calibration and benchmarking system. The release of the AWRA modelling system as a community model (AWRA-CMS) provides the best means to engage the most qualified experts in each discipline in the process of refining and applying AWRA modelling system to these modelling applications. To further promote this, the Bureau of Meteorology is this year providing a training session at MODSIM for those interested in using or further developing AWRA.

AWRA data Website

PDF fileAWRA info sheet