×D4. Sustainable investment and finance

Sustainability has become a major concern for business development in addition to their financial goals. In tackling global environmental and social challenges, firms are expected to invest with responsibility. Financial institutions and the government are also expected to consider environmental, social and corporate governance factors in making financial decisions. The unprecedented concerns about climate change-associated risks require immediate actions from all stakeholders. On October 27, 2021, the world-first climate reporting legislation known as the Climate-related Disclosures (CRD) Bill was passed in New Zealand to promote sustainable finance and investment. Global climate change and the subsequent depletion of natural resources have raised fundamental questions about the functioning of the capital markets, climate-related financial risks, and the extent to which existing businesses reveal the true cost of doing business in a sustainable manner.

Businesses are expected to solve or address social, as well as environmental matters, in such a way that aims to add value to societies. Therefore, firms should integrate corporate social responsibility as an integral part of their activities for long-term success. This session covers (but not limited to) the following topics in sustainable investment and finance including:

Key topics: Sustainable investment, Green finance, Environmental, social and corporate governance, Climate-related financial risk