×F1. GIS and environmental modelling

This session focuses on the integration and application of geographical information science and environmental modelling. The technology of GIS is well established with tools for management, visualisation, and analysis of environmental information. System interoperability enables GIS software to be coupled to different types of environmental models, and new geoprocessing operations are also being developed to directly support environmental modelling within GIS. There are also new paradigms emerging that relate spatial patterns to environmental landscape processes. This session invites papers integrating GIS and environmental models that address technology issues, methodologies and innovative applications in the areas of, but not limited to: geoprocessing operations, coupled models, and spatial analysis to relate pattern with landscape processes. This includes ecological forecasts which seek to deliver predictions of abundance, distribution, and phenology for single species, multispecies, or communities, or predictions of ecological events such as harmful algal blooms, pathogen loads, fire conditions, heatwaves.

Key topics: Environmental modelling, Geospatial analysis, Ecological forecasting