×G2. Impacts of climate change on agricultural production: modelling, risk assessment, and adaptation strategies

Climate change and its impacts on agricultural production and food security is one of the most important concerns related to sustainable development of the planet. Science-based, reliable assessment and prediction of climate change-induced disasters (such as drought, floods, bushfires, heatwaves, and snowstorms) and their impacts on agricultural production are essential for improving agricultural planning and enabling strategies to build sustainable livelihoods resilient to climate-related risks for farmers. The session aims to call for research efforts on addressing the fundamental science needs for improved understanding of the dynamic patterns of climate change-induced disasters, and their impacts on agricultural profitability, crop yields, irrigation water availability, soil water status, pest and disease risk, etc.

The topics include but are not limited to:

  1. quantitative assessment of climate change impacts on agricultural production based on multi-source data and model simulation
  2. the exploration of dynamic dependence of disasters on climate change patterns and impacts of disaster events on agricultural production
  3. the quantification of climate-related risks in agricultural production
  4. the application of artificial intelligence/machine learning in modelling climate change impacts on agricultural production
  5. the development of strategies and practices in adapting to climate change for reduced risks and increased opportunities in agricultural production.

Key topics: Climate change, Agricultural production, Modelling and risk assessment, Adaptation strategies