×G3. Integrated methods and tools for coastal and fluvial flood risk management

Improvement of water resources management will allow more efficient and flexible allocation systems and better investment in infrastructures, both to improve access to water and reduce risks from rapid urbanization and climate change. In a holistic framework, an integrated approach should deal with all waters (surface and subsurface), both in inlands and in coastal areas. Compound flooding, such as the co-occurrence of fluvial floods and extreme coastal sea state, requires interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches to be implemented into specialized water resources modelling tools. These approaches include flood hazard mapping, flood forecasting, groundwater modelling, uncertainty analysis, water allocation optimization, participatory system mapping under stationary and non-stationary conditions. In the expectation that past collaborations from past MODSIM session will be strengthen and new synergies will be developed, this session invites scientists, modelers, analysts and managers with different backgrounds to discuss innovative approaches in how integrated fluvial and coastal flood risk management can support land use planning.

Key topics: Coastal planning and management, Flood risk mitigation, Compound floods