×I12. Urban socio-ecological systems: Investigations into demographics, housing and labour markets

For this session, we seek presentations about novel applications and important findings around the world resulting from the application of systems thinking and system dynamics modelling approaches to diverse real-world urban socio-ecological problems and opportunities. The session will provide the opportunity to showcase studies examining concepts around affordable housing policy, land use, population dynamics, and local microeconomics at an urban scale.

We encourage contributions from a range of sectors. Submissions on methodological advances and improvements are equally encouraged for this session. The papers presented should not only contain systems thinking and system dynamics modelling techniques but also examples or case studies from around the world to demonstrate how the presented policy modelling techniques and/or systems modelling approaches improve demographics, housing and labour markets. We also welcome position papers in the field of systems modelling in the context of equitable development of urban environments.

Key topics: Systems modelling, Urban development, Social resilience