×I13. Using resilience and foresight for adaptive management and decision making under deep uncertainty

In a world characterised by dynamic changes in ecological and social systems, promoting adaptation and being prepared for uncertain events is essential to manage such complex systems. For instance, models based on resilience theory have been used to analyse how a system will cope with change, identify systems' regime shifts, and suggest pathways to adaptation and transformation of environmental systems. By recognising future unpredictability, deep uncertainty approaches have also highlighted the importance of considering multiple plausible futures when developing robust and adaptive management plans.

This session invites papers that present models applying resilience, deep uncertainty, robustness or similar concepts to ecological and socio-ecological systems, as well as works on methodological advancements helping the use of these concepts in modelling, including:

The session is intended to be aligned with the interests of the Society for Decision Making under Deep Uncertainty, Resilience Alliance, Advancing resilience theory and practice for water resource management project funded by the Australian Research Council, Development of capacity for modelling under climate change within the Queensland Water Modelling Network Research, Development and Innovation Strategy, and the Foresight & Decision Making Program of the One Basin CRC.

Key topics: Resilience, Adaptive management, Deep uncertainty, Robustness