×I2. Cross-scale modelling of social-ecological systems

Social-ecological systems (SESs) models commonly address problems which cross scales from local to national and even global. Such SES models require not only interdisciplinary scientific expertise but also input from a heterogeneous group of stakeholders that represent the diversity of interests and social systems involved. Using participatory modelling approaches for including in cross-scale modelling of SESs is central to these models’ effectiveness and value. Both issues - cross-scale dynamics and participation in SES modelling - have large potential impacts on the results of models, users’ understanding, and their implications for decision-making and policy design. Frameworks for modelling SESs, however, often do not consider interactions across different spatial and temporal scales and tend to consider only a limited number of dimensions (e.g. environmental or political or social).

This session aims to address these issues seeking to gain an improved understanding of how to include them in SESs modelling.

We encourage researchers to provide submissions focusing on:

Intended audience: This session is intended for researchers and practitioners interested in improving SESs modelling. We welcome contributions from all career stages, especially more junior colleagues.

Key topics: Cross-scale modelling, Social-ecological systems (SESs), Stakeholder participation