×I3. Education and capacity building for complex systems modelling

We cannot envisage the future generation of models without thinking about the next generation of professionals (including model producers and consumers) who have the mindset and capacity for realising this vision and beyond. Education plays a central role in shaping these mindsets. Yet, there is a clear lack of ‘pedagogy culture’ in the field, which manifests in the lack of debate, investigation and evaluation concerning how methods are taught. In the absence of research-based insights, teachers are left to rely on a network of peers, scattered research literature, and much trial-and-error for developing their teaching resources and practices. In addition, the pandemic and consequent rapid shift to online teaching have generated new ways of thinking, practices and tools inside and outside classrooms.

This session aims to promote a scholar-based approach for teaching complex systems modelling. We welcome theoretical and empirical studies from various fields of applications related to complex modelling (e.g. environment, health, business…etc). Examples of contributions include:

Key topics: Education, Capacity building