×I5. Impacts of emerging technologies on socio-technical systems

Socio-technical systems involve coupled interactions among social, technical, and organizational aspects of an organization or society. Due to demographic and geopolitical changes, particularly along with the pace of emerging technologies, our capacity to manage complex socio-technical systems is increasingly challenged. Examples include the impact of emerging technologies on:

Now more than ever, socio-technical systems must be designed using a holistic, systems perspective rather than optimised for each component part to enable transformation of system-level capability and to guide the transition. However, a prescriptive, waterfall approach for design of complex systems is unlikely to be successful due to changes in the external environment and its interaction with the system over time. Formal modelling can play an instrumental role in this design process, including all phases of the design development, but particularly during its implementation and refinement over time. To inform systems design and problem solving, we need modeling methods and tools to support:

This session welcomes submissions focused on advancing the scientific discussion around socio-technical modelling, including:

Key topics: Socio-technical systems, Emerging technologies