×I9. Participatory approaches and gamification applied to modelling complex systems

The proposed session focuses on modelling social-ecological systems using principles of integrative systems thinking, system dynamics, agent-based modelling, serious and simulation games, companion modelling, and digital twin.

There is a growing realisation that models developed and used for social-ecological systems should integrate key drivers, processes and responses that interact within, and have feedback on, the system that is being investigated. Often, this integrative approach requires combining knowledge and data from a variety of sources, including the participation and collaboration of researchers from diverse domains, decision-makers and other stakeholders. This holistic approach is particularly relevant for ‘wicked problems’ because it reflects the challenges in disentangling the suite of human- and natural-related drivers that are acting and interacting on the system.

In this session, we encourage the submission of research papers, academic discussions, oral presentations, and workshop showcases that:

Key topics: Systems modelling, Gamification, Agent based modelling, Digital twin