×J1. Challenges, new concepts and new methods for water resources

Intensifying competition for water from agricultural, industrial, and domestic users has sharply increased stress on aquatic and wetland ecosystems. In a growing number of catchments and aquifers, the volume of water allocated has reached or exceeded sustainable limits in many parts of the world. These issues are predicted to worsen in the future with climate change. Thus it poses challenges to manage water resources effectively and efficiently in a changing world. New concepts and innovative approaches are needed to be developed to solve these challenges. This session welcomes papers on 'Challenges, new concepts and new methods for water resources management'. The areas include challenges and recent development of novel advances for water resources management to adapt in the changing world, problems and challenges in the current water management systems, new ideas to effectively manage water resources, development of statistical and machine learning based methods to assess and predict water resources (e.g. assessment the impact of anthropogenic climate change and hydro dam operations on low flows), developing integrated models for surface-groundwater movement and contaminant transport, innovative approaches to estimate future water demand and water availability, and etc.

Key topics: Water resources management, Machine learning technology, Water demand and supply, Anthropogenic climate change