×J2. Decision making under uncertainty in water resources management

In water resources management, it remains challenging to make best decisions under uncertainty. Uncertainty can stem from a variety of sources – e.g. natural climate randomness, climate change, data errors, model limitations, operational unpredictability and future policy change – and can negatively affect the design and/or real-time operations of large water infrastructures such as reservoirs and groundwater systems essential for water supply, flood control, environmental watering, hydropower generation etc.

For this session, we welcome contributions from researchers and practitioners pertaining to any of the following:

(i) improved methods in the field, including but not limited to those based on optimisation, simulation, scenario analysis and/or artificial intelligence
(ii) application of probabilistic forecasts to inform decisions
(iii) related case studies on real world challenges of decision-making under uncertainty.

We also welcome contributions on other relevant topics not mentioned above.

Key topics: Optimisation, Decision making, Hydrometeorological forecasting, Water resources management