×J7. Providing water for all: modelling to improve water security for communities, the environment and industry

Access to clean and reliable water supplies provides the foundations for humans to not only survive but also thrive. Water's importance is recognised in Sustainable Development Goal 6 – Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all – but with increasing pressure on water sources from increasing climate variability, growing demands and recognition of environmental needs, water managers face many challenges in providing sustainable water supplies to all that need them. Water modelling plays a pivotal role in understanding available water resources, how they are changing and the interplay between supply and demand. Providing water managers with critical information to meet the water needs of communities, the environment and industry. In this session we will showcase the role of water modelling in water security, to meet current and future demands and provide water for all.

The session seeks to highlight the role of Australia’s National Hydrological Modelling Platform, eWater Source in managing critical water issues but we welcome submissions using other tools relevant to the topic.

Key topics: Water security, Water supply, Water resource management, eWater Source