×K2. Hydroclimate drought and its impact on natural systems and human society

Droughts are natural disasters caused by a general lack of precipitation resulting in shortage of water impacting on the agricultural production, ecosystems and human health. The drought scale, intensity, magnitude and duration have changed under changing climate. Therefore, it is crucial to understand processes and causality of the drought to devise effective management strategies helping to enhance drought resilience. We invite contributions from researchers working on drought and related areas.

The following topics are of interest, but not limited to:

  1. Identification and characterization of drought and its scales using various approaches and techniques
  2. Studies of patterns and trends of different droughts types (meteorological, hydrological, agricultural and ecosystem) at regional or global scales.
  3. Propagations from meteorological to hydrological, agricultural and ecosystem droughts across the world
  4. Projection of drought intensity, magnitude and duration and their impacts under changing climate
  5. Compound effects of drought and other natural hazards (i.e. drought and forest fire, drought and food production, drought and ecological degradation)
  6. Resilience of natural systems including human and ecosystem health under present condition
  7. Effective management strategies for better drought resilience.

Key topics: Drought, Climate change, Hydrology, Agriculture