×K5. Hydrometeorological forecasting and decision making: extremes and general advances

Recent years have featured a number of hydrometeorological extreme events, including drought and flooding. With climate change, these types of extremes are projected to become more frequent or severe in many regions. Hydrometeorological forecasting systems play an important role in preparing for such events and reducing harm. In this session, we encourage submissions on predicting extreme events in research and operations. We also welcome submissions on all aspects of hydrometeorological forecasting, including advances in prediction methods, operationalisation, verification, forecast communication and decision making under forecast uncertainty. Contributions are welcome from both scientists and practitioners who are involved in developing and using research and or operational forecasting and/or management systems.

The session is organised under the auspices of the HEPEX initiative (www.hepex.org), which brings together a community of practice in hydrological ensemble predictions. HEPEX was launched in 2004 to foster scientific developments necessary to improve the skill of probabilistic hydrological predictions and their use in operational contexts.

Key topics: Hydrometerological forecasting, Extreme events, Ensemble prediction, Verification