×L5. Landscape contributions to water quality – modelling of erosion and sediment transport

Sediments and particulate nutrients transported from catchments into inland, coastal and marine water ways undermine water quality, contributing to poor environmental outcomes. Understanding the origins and contributions of landscape processes to poor water quality is essential to manage, mitigate and prevent poor water quality. Sediment and particulate nutrient contributions to poor water quality in urban and rural waterways can result from complex relationships between erosion processes (overland, gully and streambank erosion), human activities (e.g. tillage on farms, construction), and transport processes via overland flow.

This session aims to address the modelling of erosion and sediment transport processes in urban and rural catchments. We welcome papers that are about (but not limited to) the following topics:

We particularly welcome case studies on major case study sites such as the Great Barrier Reef catchments, Port Philip Bay, Westernport Bay and Lakes 380

Key topics: Erosion, Sediment transport, Green infrastructure, Landscape restoration