×L6. Modelling water treatment and water quality management systems

Water can contain contaminants such as sediments, nutrients, metals, microorganisms and emerging contaminants of concern. Management systems are needed both in urban and agricultural catchments for: (i) the treatment of water for reuse (e.g., irrigation, drinking), and (ii) the treatment of both wastewater (domestic and industrial) and stormwater prior to discharge into the environment. There are a wide range of management systems currently in use. These include grey and traditional infrastructure (e.g., water treatment plants) or green infrastructure (e.g., wetlands, biofilters). Management systems can also range from structural systems to non-structural systems. Modelling the physical, chemical, biological, socio-political and economic factors that drive the effectiveness and functioning of the water management systems is critical to ensure that these systems are designed effectively and appropriate water management targets are achieved.

This session aims to address the modelling of water management and treatment systems including:

Key topics: Water treatment, Wastewater, Stormwater, Green intrastructure