Land, Water and Environmental Management: Integrated Systems for Sustainability                                                                                       Land & Water

The congress theme of "Land, Water and Environmental Management: Integrated Systems for Sustainability" was selected to reinforce the importance of modelling integrated systems within a context of sustainability focussing, in particular, on the recurrent MODSIM themes of land and water. There was also a focus on the application of modelling and simulation techniques to a broad range of real-world problems.


Editors: Les Oxley and Don Kulasiri

Department of Economics, The University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Centre for Advanced Computational Solutions, Lincoln University, New Zealand

ISSN 2981-8001 (Online proceedings)

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Basnet, B.B. and Apan, A. A. (2007) Degree of Site Suitability Measurement in a GIS: The Effect of Standardisation Method. In Oxley, L. and Kulasiri, D. (eds) MODSIM 2007 International Congress on Modelling and Simulation. Modelling and Simulation Society of Australia and New Zealand, December 2007, pp. 74-80. ISBN : 978-0-9758400-4-7. 

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