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A. Applied and computational mathematics

Stream leader: Barry Croke

  • A2. Computational fluid dynamics and its applications in fluid-structure interactions

B. Biological systems

Stream Leaders: Malcolm McPhee and Val Snow

  • B1. Pasture and native vegetation
    • Session Organisers: Jo Owens, Neville Herrmann and Jinyan Yang   Session description
    • Preliminary results of parameterisation of DairyMod pasture model for tropical pasture; Brachiaria
      Jayasinghe, J.M.P., Donaghy, D.J., Pembleton, K.G., Barber, D.G. and Ramilan, T.
    • Disentangling the effects of management and climate on perennial grass pastures and the degradation that follows multi-year droughts
      Owens, J., McKeon, G., O’Reagain, P., Carter, J., Fraser, G., Nelson, B. and Scanlan, J.
  • B6. The measurement and modelling of current and future soil carbon stocks
    • Session Organisers: Bin Wang, De Li Liu, Cathy Waters and Susan Orgill   Session description
    • Invited Paper: A nationally scalable approach to simulating soil organic carbon in agricultural landscapes
      Coelli, K.M., Karunaratne, S.B., Baldock, J.A., Ugbaje, S., Buzacott, A.J.V., Filippi, P., Cattle, S. and Bishop, T.F.A.
  • B7. Building spatially-explicit simulation models of biological systems: challenges and success stories when it comes to data integration
  • B8. Bioeconomic modelling of agricultural systems
    • Session Organisers: Thiagarajah Ramilan and Frank Scrimgeour   Session description
    • Changing crop management improves farm level productivity and profitability for smallholder farmers in northern India
      Beletse, Y.G., Laing, A.M., Prestwidge, D.B., Gathala, M.K., Subash, N. and Liedloff, A.C.
    • Building responsive bio-economic models to replicate complex farm management decisions for mixed irrigation farming systems in southern NSW
      Broadfoot, K., Cashen, M., Behrendt, K., Clark, A.J. and Graham, P.

C. Computer science and engineering

Stream Leaders: Min Chen and Dan Ames

  • C4. Advanced modelling and simulation technologies
    • Session Organisers: Tomasz Bednarz, Haifeng Shen and Dan Ames   Session description
    • Towards a provenance-enabled, reproducible, and extensible machine learning platform by integrating databases, web services, containers, and code repositories in a loosely coupled manner
      Singh, R.M., Wilson, P., Gregory, L., Seaton, S. and Malone, B.

E. Energy, integrated infrastructure and urban planning

Stream Leaders: John Boland and Pascal Perez

F. Environment and ecology

Stream Leaders: Stefan Reis and Shawn Laffan

G. Global change and natural hazards

Stream Leaders: Jason Evans and Christoph Rudiger

  • G4. Risk of natural hazard in a changing climate: modelling, prediction and projection
  • G5. Flood and tsunami modelling: Techniques and applications

H. Health and biosecurity

Stream Leaders: Louise Freebairn and Irene Hudson

  • H1. COVID-19 simulation modelling – responding to a global crisis
    • Session Organisers: Cindy Peng, Danielle Currie, Sheryl Chang, Mark Mackay and Irene Hudson   Session description
    • Model-based machine learning to explore the nexus between COVID-19 and environmental factors in the United States
      Munir, T., Hudson, I.L., Cheema, S.A., Muhammad, R., Shafqat, M. and Kifayat, T.
  • H2. Data science and simulation modelling methods for health and mental health applications
    • Session Organisers: Louise Freebairn, Jo-An Occhipinti , Ante Prodan , Jong Bae Baek, Sejong Bae and Karan P Singh   Session description
    • The role of embodied cognition in linguistic mental health analysis
      Kernot, D., Van Hooff, M., Lawrence-Wood, E., Glenny, L., Snowden, C., Green, K. and Son, C.
    • Prototyping, developing, and iterating a gamified survey to evaluate participatory systems modelling for youth mental health: Quality assurance pilot
      Lee, G.Y., Hickie, I.B., Occhipinti, J., Song, Y.J.C., Huntley, S., Skinner, A., Lawson, K., Hockey, S.J. and Freebairn, L.

I. Participatory decision making and modelling social systems

Stream Leaders: Oz Sahin and Kate O'Brien

J. Water resources

Stream Leaders: Jai Vaze and Tim Peterson

  • J1. Ecohydrological modelling
  • J3. From whole of catchment to suburban lots – using eWater tools to inform water management decisions across all scales
  • J4. Hydrological/Water balance modelling for water services: impact and value
  • J5. Advances and applications in decision making in the face of multiple plausible futures
    • Session Organisers: Joseph Guillaume, Avril Horne and Holger Maier   Session description
    • Water security analysis of the Middle River supply system: a foreSIGHT application
      Culley, S., Westra, S., Bennett, B., Maier, H.R., Newman, J., Van Der Linden, L. and Irvine, M.
    • Uncertainty, sensitivity and scenario analysis: how do they fit together?
      Maier, H.R., Guillaume, J.H.A., McPhail, C., Westra, S., Kwakkel, J.H., Razavi, S., van Delden, H., Thyer, M.A., Culley, S.A. and Jakeman, A.J.
  • J7. Challenges, new concepts and new methods for water resources management
  • J8. Modelling hydrological variability and change across spatio-temporal scales
    • Session Organisers: Sina Khatami , Kiernan Fowler, Margarita Saft and Murray Peel   Session description
    • Invited Paper: Modelling hydrological change due to wildfires
      Partington, D., Thyer, M., Shanafield, M., McInerney, D., Westra, S., Maier, H.R., Simmons, C.T., Croke, B.F.W., Jakeman, A.J., Gupta, H.V. and Kavetski, D.
    • “Naïve” inclusion of diverse climates in calibration is not sufficient to improve model reliability under future climate uncertainty
      Trotter, L., Saft, M., Peel, M.C. and Fowler, K.J.A.
  • J10. High-resolution Earth observations in land surface modelling
  • J13. River system modelling for water resources management: Advances and challenges

K. Hydroclimate

Stream Leaders: Yongqiang Zhang and Conrad Wasko

  • K5. The future of hydrometeorological forecasting: uncertainty, advances and applications
    • Session Organisers: James Bennett, Céline Cattoën-Gilbert , Julien Lerat, Tse Ling (Seline) Ng and Andrew Schepen    Session description
    • A comparative study on 10 and 30-year simulation of CMIP5 decadal hindcast precipitation at catchment level
      Hossain, M.M., Garg, N., Anwar, A.H.M.F., Prakash, M. and Bari, M.
    • Invited Paper: Improving sub-seasonal streamflow forecasts across flow regimes
      McInerney, D., Thyer, M., Kavetski, D., Laugesen, R., Woldemeskel, F., Tuteja, N. and Kuczera, G.
    • Advances in subseasonal streamflow forecasting: An overview
      Thyer, M., McInerney, D., Kavetski, D., Laugesen, R., Woldemeskel, F., Tuteja, N. and Kuczera, G.
    • Estimation of road closure risks along the Bruce highway using the AWRA-L water balance model
      Vogel, E., Lerat, J., Gericke, L.A., Russell, C.A., Preece, A., Stuart, G., Pipunic, R., Khan, Z. and Donnelly, C.
  • K6. Remote sensing for hydroclimate applications
  • K7. Challenges and advances in continental-scale hydrological forecasting systems
  • K11. Long term changes in the hydrological cycle under a variable and changing climate

L. Water quality

Stream Leaders: Andrew Western, Danlu Guo and Anna Lintern

  • L3. Water quality and ecological interactions in lakes, estuaries and coastal seas


Stream Leaders: David Marlow and Hasan Turan

  • M4. System dynamics applications in OR to support decision making under uncertainty